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I M Young, Black, Motivated and Determined and I M describing myself, Da’Tron Harris. This was and is my motivation: to achieve any goal on God’s green earth that I put my mind to. This is my identity.

Everyone is a leader, but it takes a brave one to be unique and create their own path. My goal is to uplift, educate, and direct leaders to their destination of success. I feel everyone has a purpose. It takes the right person, with the right opportunity, being in the right place, at the right time, to reveal what a person is truly birthed to achieve. We are poets and musician. We combine our unique poetry with dramatic musical interludes that present a tapestry of sound specifically designed to shear a mosaic of the times into the consciousness of the listener.

Our supporters will get a feeling of membership, family, and community while being directed to a centralized location which will serve as a one-stop shop that can satisfy their desire to witness the growth of their investment in our projects by subscribing, viewing, buying merchandise and contributing to all of our endeavors.

E-mail: datron@imybmad.com


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Written By: Datron Harris

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